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It’s Majesty the potato chip.

Kingdom Chips Bruxelles was created to tell and share the “real story” of quality fries that you can only eat in Belgium in the “fritkot” almost present everywhere.
The success of this product is great combined with the simplicity and quality of our product.
The idea of spreading Belgian specialty, is an absolute winner. The challenge was to recreate the traditional taste and quality of traditional Belgian fries, along with a variety of sauces original and mostly unknown to our competitors.

Open a Kingdom Chips Bruxelles store means to be part of a chain of exclusive and prestigious street food: the success of the store is on the way! The brand Kingdom Chips Bruxelles offers its franchisees the opportunity to use an international brand, a unique know-how and quality raw materials.

The affiliate must meet specific requirements regarding in particular final quality of the product and brand image.
We will create a special setting, like the classic store on the street, in shopping mall food court or a shop with tables on wall with stools.
Our style is easily recognizable, we use natural colors and design elements typical of the brand Kingdom Chips Bruxelles to create a comfortable environment where you can taste the just purchased delicious food!

What we require

  • Resourcefulness, professionalism and desire to get involved to gain economic independence and professional success
  • At least 20 square meters or more room surface
  • Opening hours: according to the needs of the area
  • Possession of all the specific permissions
  • The initial investment is related to the local, according to facilities and furnishings
  • We can determine an approximate measurement of the investment according to the local that will be proposed and we will show you how the economic return is assured.

What We Offer

  • Granting rights to commercial use of the Brand
  • Custom design shop, sleek, contemporary layout design for maximum efficiency
  • Equipment for processing and subsequent sale of chips (including Belgian fryer on specifications)
  • Raw materials and accompanying products with exclusive brand Kingdom Chips Bruxelles
  • Packaging and wrapping with exclusive brand Kingdom Chips Bruxelles
  • Assistance in the management of the project and the opening of the sell point, with a survey of the condition of the premises and executive planning
  • Initial training for the store manager and the staff at the sell point premises with an internal Resource from Kingdom Chips Bruxelles to support the start-up of the new store
  • Monitoring and coordination of economic and operational management aspects
  • After sales service on equipment
  • Low Investment Cost in Comparison to Other Franchise Brands
  • No restrictions on the purchase of potatoes and drinks (according with the vendor to ensure the quality of the raw material)

Kingdom Chips BruxellesWe Look For

  • It requires no previous experience in the restaurant business: you must simply devote full time to an activity that guarantees an excellent financial return and plenty of room for development
  • In addition, administrative permissions are required for the administration of foods and drinks, common to all businesses restorative
  • No age or gender limit

Franchising Card

  • Affiliated stores: 5 Italy, 1 Albanian, Spain coming soon
  • Education: Included
  • Exclusive area: to be agreed
  • Fee and Royalties: 5% on a monthly basis
  • Average turnover of the store: over € 10,000 months

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